About the Journal

PROCURATIO: Journal of Management & Business is a periodical published by PT. Sangadji Media Publishing with a frequency of 2 (two) times a year, namely in June and December. This journal contains a study of research results on management and business science. The scope of the study in question is:

The field of study of management science, in the form of research on human resource management, marketing management, financial management, and strategic management as well as all managerial aspects in organizations/companies/government agencies; The field of business studies, in the form of research on business management in company activities, identification of business opportunities, designing business activities and operating business activities.

Every manuscript received by the editor of PROCURATIO: Journal of Management & Business will go through a process review with a double-blind review system, meaning that neither the author nor the reviewer know each other. Each article has a DOI number with a prefix: doi.org/10.62394/projmb.