About the Journal

Journal title : AURORA: Journal of Emerging Business Paradigms 
Initials : Aurora
Online ISSN : 3047-4140.
Frequency : Bi-annually in June and December
DOI Journal : Prefix 10.62394/aurora by  
OAI Journal : xxxxxxx by onesearch
Editor-in-chief : Andri Dayarana K. Silalahi,P.hD
Publisher : PT. Sangadji Media Publishing
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Indexing : Google Scholar, Index Copernicus International (ICI).

Aurora: Journal of Emerging Business Paradigms is a scholarly publication dedicated to exploring and disseminating knowledge on the ever-evolving field of business paradigms. As the name "Aurora" suggests, the journal seeks to illuminate new perspectives, insights, and approaches that emerge in the dynamic landscape of the business world. The following philosophies underscore the essence and vision of Aurora, guiding its contributors, readers, and editorial team towards a deeper understanding of emerging business paradigms.

Unveiling the Dawn of Innovation: Aurora recognizes that innovation lies at the heart of emerging business paradigms. Like the enchanting colors of the dawn sky, our journal aims to uncover the groundbreaking ideas, transformative strategies, and pioneering research that drive the evolution of business practices. We believe that by embracing innovation and exploring its multifaceted dimensions, we can facilitate meaningful progress and foster a vibrant business ecosystem.

Nurturing Collaborative Exploration: Aurora fosters a spirit of collaboration and encourages researchers, practitioners, and thought leaders to engage in a shared journey of exploration. We recognize that emerging business paradigms thrive through interdisciplinary dialogue, bringing together diverse perspectives from various domains. By providing a platform for cross-pollination of ideas, Aurora aims to cultivate a vibrant intellectual community that transcends traditional boundaries and sparks creative synergies.

Empowering Agents of Change: Aurora acknowledges the transformative power of individuals and organizations in shaping emerging business paradigms. We believe that every reader, author, and reviewer has the potential to become an agent of change, making meaningful contributions to the advancement of business practices. Our journal endeavors to empower these agents by providing a platform for disseminating research, sharing experiences, and inspiring actionable insights that can catalyze positive change in the business world.

Embracing Ethical and Sustainable Practices: Aurora recognizes the importance of ethical conduct and sustainable practices in the pursuit of emerging business paradigms. We uphold the principles of integrity, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship in both research and business endeavors. By showcasing studies that demonstrate the potential for sustainable growth, responsible leadership, and equitable practices, Aurora aims to inspire and guide businesses towards a future that balances profitability with societal and environmental well-being.

Embracing the Evolutionary Nature of Business: Aurora acknowledges that business paradigms are not static but rather subject to constant evolution. We embrace the dynamic nature of the business landscape and encourage scholars and practitioners to explore emerging trends, adapt to change, and anticipate future developments. By embracing agility and a forward-looking mindset, Aurora aims to contribute to the ongoing dialogue on emerging business paradigms and provide insights that equip stakeholders to navigate the ever-changing business environment.

The philosophies guiding Aurora: Journal of Emerging Business Paradigms reflect its commitment to uncovering new frontiers in business knowledge. By embracing innovation, fostering collaboration, empowering agents of change, promoting ethical and sustainable practices, and embracing the evolutionary nature of business, Aurora strives to be a beacon of intellectual enlightenment for those navigating the shifting paradigms in the dynamic world of business.